My Story

Once upon a time, I decided to start a blog.  Why?  I love hearing stories both true and make-believe. I am not a big whig award winning novelist, New York Times writer, or reporter looking for the latest rumor to publish in some trashy magazine. This blog is written to write stories. It's simple. It's easy.
So what's it about? This blog is to count blessings and remember, "God is Good". I love both hearing and telling stories, events, and memories. So what I post will be uplifting or just to give a good laugh. Nothing depressing like the news tends to be; just something that brings a smile... you know, that facial expression seen more in children than adults. We only have one life, and those who are SAVED have all of eternity.  Why not look at life remembering the good God puts in our life, rather than all the negative the media tries to engrain into our minds creating the illusion of a dark grey cloud hovering over our head.
So here it goes... stories. However you must know, where as most stories have "the end," this blog of stories will NOT. In accepting Christ into your heart, there is no end. There IS eternity with Him and our Heavenly Father in the Kingdom of heaven, for we are His children.