Friday, May 2, 2014

The Joy in Waiting

Once upon a time, a young girl was engaged to be married! Life was about to change and a new chapter was about to begin. Many questions raced through her mind as she sat and planned her wedding.

  • "How do I know I am marrying the right man?"
  • "What will people think of me, since I have never been in a committed relationship before?"
  • "The world makes it seem as though having sex before marriage is no big deal. It's a human need that should be satisfied. What will they think of us for remaining abstinent until we are married?"
  • "When we say I do, will it be forever?"
  • "Am I marrying this man for the right reasons?"

How many of us find ourselves questioning? The great thing about asking questions is that we discover truth. The young girl engaged to be married is me! These questions I've asked myself lately have done nothing but reassure that I am on the right path. For those of you who don't know, I'm to be married to my best friend June 30th of this year. I couldn't be more thankful! This year has been full of questioning, seeking God, waiting, and praising! Through this blessing, I've felt The Lord asking me to share with my readers about His passionate love for you and me.

Summer of 2012, I renewed my vows with God. I felt that the only way I would ever marry here on earth is if I truly committed myself to The Lord. That summer was one of the most difficult summers of my life; but The Lord knew that if I remained close to Him, He would get me through. I've heard many pastors preach that hardships bring you closer to God and without them we may forget our need for Him. As the year progressed, I found so much truth in that statement. I may not have made the best decisions at times. I'm sure I disappointed Him more than I can count! However, He proved to me that his passion was too great to ever let me go! With each hardship, I grew closer.

In December of 2012, I told Him I knew I could never find a man as perfect as He. He would forever be my husband! I yearned to put Him first in every aspect of my life. I told Him of my desires to bring children into the world who would go out and be a light to others. The only thing I asked of Him was to reveal the man He wanted me to marry on earth for His glory. The ONLY way I knew He would reveal this man is if the man He chose for me was seeking Him as much as I was, and the timing was right. Little did I know that the man He brought into my life right before Christmas of 2012 was an answer to prayer.

I want to make a BOLD statement--one that I hope no one takes too offensively, but as truth.

The life we live is a train wreck without our Heavenly Father.

Every time I've tried to go my own way, it failed. The reason I never committed to any man before is because they weren't who God chose for me. I prayed each time I began talking to someone new, that if God didn't intend on me spending forever with that person, He would send him away. Friends, He remained faithful to His promise. I prayed when I met Steven (my fiancé), that if he were not the right man, God would take him out of my life. He's the only man that stayed! Anytime I find myself questioning if he truly is the right man, God reminds me of His faithfulness.

As far as the other questions go... here are the answers God gave me:

  • Who cares what other people think of me! I sought God and continue to do so. I know Steven is the right man. Everyone else can think I'm crazy, or be happy for us!  Glorifying God is ALL that matters!
  • If God placed this man in my life for His glory, why would I think of doing something that would take away from His glory? I'm married to God first. Steven is married to God. If we had sex before marriage, it would be like cheating on our Bridegroom. We are suppose to come together as one-- one with God. Our marriage is to honor Him. I have never felt the need to give myself to Steven before we are married, and he has never made me feel that I need to because of his love for The Lord and respect for me.
  • We will be united as one under God. It is up to us to make our marriage last! As long as we continue to put God first, I have no doubt that our "I do" will last forever here on earth!
  • I am marrying Steven for His heart. I couldn't help but fall in love. He is as passionate about our Heavenly Father as I am. With each new day, my love for him grows! We have an undying love for our Savior and He has a passionate love for us greater than we may ever know. 

There is a great joy that comes with waiting. By waiting, I know I am marrying the man God wants for me. In waiting, I have discovered the Lord's passion for my life. When Steven and I become one, we will be one in Him. No greater love can be so pure. His love endures forever. 

Joy in Scripture:

"For The Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations."
Psalm 100:5

"Wait for The Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for The Lord."
Psalm 27:14

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."
Jeremiah 29:13


  1. It is truly wonderful that you are both starting your marriage with Christ as your "First Love".
    Aunt BJ

  2. Here is a poem that I wrote that goes along with your post.
    "First Love"
    Our hearts are filled with desires
    and earthly treasures we seek.
    We turn our eyes from heaven.
    Can we hear our Savior speak?

    We pursue too many masters,
    when Christ is the one we need.
    He teaches us to be loyal
    and willing to sow good seed.

    Temptations are all around us.
    The Deceiver lies in wait.
    How long will we bow to idols?
    Will they replace our heavenly date?

    Our Father God is jealous
    and longs to be our first love.
    If we ask to receive His Spirit,
    He will come like a gentle dove.

    Luke 12:21, 1John 5:21, Rev. 2:4